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When managing your wealth, choosing the right partner is crucial.

Why choose private wealth management?

When managing your wealth, choosing the right partner is crucial. Whether you have recently inherited wealth or built your resources over many years, navigating the complex financial landscape can be daunting.


This is where private wealth management comes in.

What is
private wealth management?

Private wealth management is a branch of investment and financial planning tailored specifically to high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals, affluent families and family offices.

It involves a holistic approach to managing wealth, incorporating various aspects such as investment management, tax and estate planning, retirement planning and more.


The focus is on aligning the services with the client's individual needs and financial goals.

Why choose private wealth managers?

A private wealth manager or a team of private wealth advisors provides a highly personalised approach to wealth management services.


They offer deep experience and expertise in a diverse range of investment strategies and opportunities, including alternative investments not typically available through other investment methods.


With a dedicated team working on your behalf, private wealth management allows for a comprehensive perspective on your finances.


They can manage all aspects of your wealth, from property portfolio management to planning for major life events.


Private wealth management services also provide access to a broad range of services typically reserved for institutional investors.


What is the difference between private banking and private wealth management?

While both focus on serving high net worth clients, private banking primarily offers traditional banking services like loans and deposits, along with some investment services.

Private wealth management is a more comprehensive service, focusing on a wide range of wealth planning and management aspects including estate planning, tax planning and philanthropic planning.

Are the fees higher for private wealth management services?

While private wealth management services may have higher fees compared to other investments, the value they deliver often outweighs the cost.

The deep experience and resources they bring can help clients better manage their wealth, achieve long-term financial goals and navigate complex property and financial markets.

Who should I choose to work with?

Choosing private wealth management is about entrusting your wealth to a dedicated team that values your interests above all else.

It's about gaining access to a wide range of investment opportunities and receiving personalised advice based on your interests, your risk tolerance and your financial goals.

Whether you're planning for retirement, navigating major life events or seeking to grow your funds, a private wealth manager can provide the expert guidance you need.

Remember, managing wealth isn't just about the finances; it's about creating a strategy that supports your lifestyle, values and legacy. With private wealth management, you're not just investing your wealth, you're investing in your future.


Maritime Capital are wealth guardians specialising in UK property, looking after family offices and private clients. We offer a bespoke private wealth management service with a focus on mentoring, nurturing and safeguarding our clients’ wealth through astute property investments, leveraging our deep experience and expertise to deliver tailored property solutions that align with your financial goals.

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