'Maritime Light'

Building, maintaining and growing a successful property portfolio or property-oriented business requires experienced guidance.​

While Maritime Capital offer comprehensive asset management services, we also understand that some families and businesses require a different approach.​

Rather than Maritime Capital taking over the full asset management of your portfolio, instead, our Non-Executive Director service provides you with the strategic expertise and oversight you need, without relinquishing control.

Beyond property

Maritime Capital’s Non-Executive Director (NED) service offers unparalleled advantages.​

Organisations traditionally hire NEDs because of their experience in a specific sector. ​

But with decades of experience across a host of industries and an exceptional track record of deals, we have an unrivalled level of knowledge and experience to pass on.​

With interest rate rises, some portfolios now demand more active management. The senior members of our team possess expertise that spans far beyond bricks and mortar, encompassing tax, operations, corporate structures, fiduciary and legal matters, financing and data analysis, all of which can prove vital to portfolio growth.

The Maritime difference

Most Non-Executive Directors are professionals that have held positions in large corporations but are perhaps winding down their careers, looking for roles in semi-retirement. ​

Maritime’s senior team are fully active in the industry, providing value through their extensive network of contacts, helping you get access to capital, key connections and other resources as needed.​

You gain not just an experienced individual, but the combined resources and capabilities of our entire organisation.​

Our Non-Executive Director role is often the foundation of a long-term relationship, serving as a springboard for future collaboration, should you subsequently seek comprehensive asset management.

What does a Non-Executive Director do?

As a Non-Executive Director, a trusted senior figure at Maritime Capital will become an integrated member of your board, attending monthly meetings and ensuring the company consistently heads in the right direction. We provide an objective, independent voice of reason.​

With a Maritime presence, your organisation’s board benefits from:​

We leverage our extensive experience across diverse industries such as hospitality, pharmaceuticals, life science, storage, commercial property, gaming, food & beverage, and retail to guide your long-term growth and success.​

Facing a specific challenge? We bring fresh perspectives, mentorship, strategic advice and proven solutions to help you navigate complex situations. ​

We ensure your corporate structures and practices are optimised for efficiency and compliance.​

Access our extensive network of active contacts, opening doors to new opportunities and partnerships.

Is this the right approach for you?

Maritime Capital’s Non-Executive Director service is a sound choice for family offices and family-run businesses seeking independent, experienced guidance.

​It’s also an excellent fit for companies needing strategic support for specific property challenges or long-term goals.

What level of commitment is required?

Your Non-Executive Director will typically attend monthly board meetings and be available for one to three days a month, for consultations, reports and findings as needed, depending on the scope of responsibilities.

Discover how Maritime Capital’s NED expertise can elevate your portfolio

With a Maritime Capital expert as your Non-Executive Director, you gain not just a dedicated and trusted individual with decades of relevant experience, but an entire team focused on your prosperity.

If you’re keen to explore the concept of a Non-Executive Director for your family office or business, contact us for a confidential discussion.

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