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Family offices are a type of wealth management service for high-net-worth families and their assets.

What is a family office?

The concept of a family office has been around for centuries, but the modern family office is a relatively new concept.


They allow high net worth families to ensure that their family’s wealth is managed efficiently and effectively, while also preserving family values and business for future generations.


The family office concept can range from traditional single family offices to multi-family offices and offers a variety of services such as investment and property management, family governance, succession planning, tax planning and lifestyle services.


A family office provides a dedicated team of professionals to manage the family’s financial affairs, which can include an in-house lawyer, personal assistant and property management.


By outsourcing family office services, wealthy families can benefit from the expertise of financial institutions and the management of complex financial matters.


With the right family office, you can ensure that your family's values and goals are met and that your family's wealth is protected for generations to come.

The benefits of a multi family office.

The benefits of a multi family office A multi family office (MFO) is a type of family office that serves many families, as opposed to a dedicated single family office, which serves one wealthy family.


Outsourced family offices are available to affluent families who don’t have the resources to establish their own family office.


In addition to traditional family office services, a multi family office can offer outsourced family office services, such as an in-house lawyer, personal assistant, dedicated team and complex financial institutions for managing family wealth.


Multi family offices are ideal for wealthy families who need assistance managing their assets, personal affairs and family business. They provide a level of personalised service and attention that many traditional family offices cannot offer.


With a multi family office, family members can benefit from the expertise of a dedicated team that understands the family’s values and financial goals.


They can also benefit from the support of a team of experts who can provide guidance on managing household staff, property management and travel arrangements.



What is the difference between a traditional family office and an outsourced multi family office?

Traditional family offices are typically owned and operated by the family and provide a comprehensive range of services for the family’s wealth.

Outsourced family offices are typically third-party firms that provide tailored services to the family, such as investment management, tax planning, and estate planning.

What roles and responsibilities do family office principals have?

The family office team is usually made up of experts in a variety of disciplines, inc
luding finance, legal, accounting and investment management. They work closely with the family’s financial institutions and other professionals to ensure the family’s wealth is managed in accordance with their values and goals.

Family office principals are responsible for overseeing the overall operations of the family office. They may also serve as the family’s personal assistant, manage the family’s investments and provide guidance on family business succession planning.

What is family office business succession planning?

Family office business succession planning is the process of preparing and planning for the orderly transition of a family’s assets, business and wealth. This includes creating a plan to ensure the continuity of the family’s wealth and assets and establishing a framework to ensure the family’s financial security.

What other services are offered by family offices?

In addition to providing services such as investment management, tax planning, estate planning, family governance, and lifestyle services, many family offices also offer services such as personal assistance, managing household staff and travel arrangements.
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