After initially becoming an investor, Maritime acquired and revitalised a storage business, implementing successful rebranding and management strategies, resulting in a significant increase in occupancy rates.

Toby Hunter was introduced to Alfa Self Storage in northern Surrey during the course of landlord-tenant relations and, following discussions, invested in the business.

Alfa was operated on a joint-venture basis, with Toby and Maritime becoming responsible for supplying future sites.

Toby subsequently took over the business, acquiring it from administrators, along with the property, rebranding it as Storage Box.

The site provided a versatile, cost-effective solution for both residential and business customers’ storage needs, with lockable, steel-partitioned units that could be rented for as long as required.

Customers had the freedom to access their unit seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Rent could be arranged by the week or month, with no long-term commitment.

A full rebranding exercise was carried out, along with a refit of the shop and the introduction of new management and marketing processes.

Our overhaul led to an increase in occupation rates from 63% to 91%.

Once the business was profitable and trading well it was then sold for £4.9 million, representing a considerable profit for Maritime.

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