Maritime played a pivotal role in shaping a coastal development in North Yorkshire.

Having taken over the Raithwaite Sandsend hotel and estate in 2019, Maritime set about redesigning and optimising a non-implemented planning scheme.

While the previous scheme had good bones, the quality, layout and operational feasibility rendered the project financially and logistically unviable.

Pre-commencement planning conditions were also hampering the development.

Working with our professional team, Maritime curated a 198-unit luxury holiday village with a traditional Yorkshire village square at its heart.

The sustainable lodges, cottages and villas combined the privacy of a holiday home with the facilities of the Raithwaite hotel building elsewhere on the estate.

With sustainability to the forefront, the eco homes were to be fully powered by renewable energy and included partnerships with sustainable brands such as Neptune Kitchens.

Each property had full access to Raithwaite’s manicured grounds and came complete with air source heat pumps and EV charging points.

The village was to be fully serviced with an on-site maintenance, housekeeping and concierge team and a range of service and hospitality packages designed for residents.

The full scheme envisioned shops, pubs and galleries - creating a genuine new coastal village at Raithwaite.

Our plans aimed to take the culture, history and heritage of the place and improve upon it sympathetically, so that the village sat within the landscape instead of on the landscape.

Maritime had the vision to ensure that the village positively benefited the area, rather than simply being another developer that puts houses with placemaking as an afterthought.

In late 2021 our team managed to release all of the pre-commencement conditions on the planning permission, and in December of that year the first phase of 21 units was put on sale.

The phase was fully sold within two weeks, at prices 20% higher than we were expecting.

However, inflation in the construction industry led to issues. Material prices soared, and labour shortages led to contractor quotes that were twice as high as expected.

Our experts had to value-engineer aspects of the project to make it a feasible development.

Work began on an initial four units, and all development was carried out in phases to avoid disrupting trade in the hotel.

Raithwaite Sandsend was then sold to Galliard Homes and O’Shea Group in 2023, who are currently taking all of our ideas forward.

Following our exit, it has been incredibly rewarding to see our vision taking shape on the North Yorkshire coast.

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