Our ownership of the Dreamland amusement park undoubtedly enhanced and broadened our skillset, giving us in-depth experience of retaining iconic assets and negotiating with governmental organisations.

Dreamland is a real symbol of the seaside town of Margate and in its heyday the park attracted thousands of visitors to enjoy the rides, amusement and activities.

But by the early 2000s visitor numbers had begun to decline, with rides sold to other theme parks and areas falling into disrepair.

We initially bought the Dreamland site in 2005 after the park had closed.

Recognising the long and proud tradition of Dreamland as the heart and soul of Margate, we developed sympathetic plans to reimagine how the site could be used by the community.

Our proposals for Dreamland included a 500+ unit residential development along with a mixed-use scheme involving markets, recreational gardens, shops and a digital media studio, centred around the Grade II-Listed Scenic Railway, one of the oldest wooden rollercoasters in the world.

The Scenic Railway’s status meant it could not be moved, and we designed the development with the rollercoaster as its centrepiece.

We continued to work with key stakeholders to progress and adjust our plans, however the local council issued a Compulsory Purchase Order in 2012, with negotiations over compensation ultimately concluding in January 2022.

The CPO process involved a major planning inquiry, as well as working with local government bodies and the UK government.

Our custodianship of Dreamland also gave us a deep understanding of the valuation-compensation process and provided us with invaluable insights into Listed Building procedures.

While our remarkable plans for the site did not ultimately come to fruition, our involvement with such an iconic attraction and the experience gained from the post-CPO negotiations have ultimately benefited Maritime Capital and our investors.

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