Our estate management expertise and capacity for problem-solving proved their value as we turned around the fortunes of a landed estate in Lancashire.

Maritime were engaged by a private family to help them optimise the finances of a large estate, inherited through generations, that was producing very little income and little capital for them.

Valuable assets like this sometimes lack the liquidity to generate sufficient income for their own upkeep, and we were instructed to provide professional advice on potential planning schemes and the profitability of selling some of the land for development.

Our close-knit, experienced family team were able to silo the estate’s assets into various classes to help the owners understand where there were options to create income and capital, exploring opportunities for diversification and identifying untapped revenue streams on the estate.

This ongoing instruction involves assessing proposed developer options as well as investigating planning laws and uses, in order to maximise value from the estate.

Years of experience mean that we have become experts at preserving an asset’s heritage, while also protecting wealth and unearthing hidden potential.

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