Supporting recent inheritors

Navigating the complexities of inherited wealth can be challenging. Inheritance itself can be a bittersweet gift that often brings about a range of emotions and new complexities.

Maritime Capital specialise in guiding high net worth individuals, family offices and private clients through this significant financial change.

Our expert team offers personalised advice to manage, protect and grow your inherited wealth through astute commercial property investments.

Our core strengths are focused on property wealth guardianship, but decades of experience across a broad spectrum of sectors allows us to mentor, nurture and safeguard your wealth when it arrives.

Estate planning and succession planning

With a major inheritance, beneficiaries can sometimes feel unsure of their new circumstances, and it’s a privilege for us to give them the confidence to become responsible custodians of family assets.
Partnering with Maritime Capital means that together we can develop a comprehensive family wealth management plan that not only meets your current financial goals but also prepares you for the future.

‍Estate planning is an important consideration when managing inherited wealth. Our trusted advisors can guide youthrough the process, ensuring the estate is managed in the most tax-efficient way possible, and to the satisfaction ofall members of the family.

This includes advice on succession planning, helping you pass on your wealth to future generations in a way that suits your individual circumstances.

Understanding inheritance tax

Inheritance tax (IHT) is a crucial element to consider when dealing with recently inherited wealth. It's vital to understand your inheritance tax liability and the implications it can have on your estate.

To complement our own skillsets, over the years our boutique property house has built strong relationships with a select group of partners who can provide comprehensive inheritance tax advice, helping you navigate the complexities of inheritance tax planning and potentially reducing your inheritance tax bill.

Inheritance tax thresholds and allowances

Understanding the current inheritance tax threshold, the residence nil rate band, and how to utilise tax-freeallowances can significantly affect the value of your estate.

Our team stays updated with the rules for each tax year, providing timely and accurate tax advice to our clients.

Mitigating inheritance tax

Our inheritance tax advisors are skilled in identifying strategies to avoid or minimise inheritance tax implications.This could involve investing in business assets, making gifts to beneficiaries and using potentially exempt transfers.

We can help you understand the seven-year rule, the benefits of outright gifts and other exemptions and available reliefs under certain circumstances.

Bespoke financial planning

At Maritime Capital, we're able to provide bespoke financial planning services tailored to your needs.

Whether it's managing inherited property, investing surplus income or planning for your family's future, we develop a relationship that puts you and your family first.

Safeguarding your family wealth

As wealth guardians, our goal is to help you protect and grow your family resources - and we understand theimportance of preserving your assets for future generations.

Through careful planning, astute property investments and a deep understanding of tax rules and exemptions, we can help ensure your wealth benefits other members of your family in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

At Maritime Capital, we pride ourselves on our history of resolving complex issues and guiding our clients on their journey to financial security.
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