Investing your compensation wisely, for lasting security

Life can change unexpectedly. A personal injury claim, a settlement for damages, or a successful case for professional negligence can leave you with a significant financial windfall.

While this compensation can be life-changing, it also comes with a crucial question: how do you invest it wisely to ensure long-term security?

It can be daunting receiving what is effectively your entire life's earnings in a single payment.This windfall represents your future, and Maritime Capital are on hand to guide you.

We understand the unique challenges of managing a large, unanticipated lump sum after a legal process, particularlywhen it needs to support and sustain you for the years to come.

Investing your settlement wisely can help ensure financial security and a stable future.

Turning compensation into a secure future

Navigating a personal claim can be a challenging time, both emotionally and financially. While your immediate focus may be on obtaining compensation for your injuries, it’s crucial not to overlook the long-term financial implications of the settlement.

Without a well-defined plan, a large sum can quickly dwindle, leaving any recipients vulnerable later in life.We’ll create a balanced portfolio with a lot of income and capital gain later on.

Investing in commercial property can offer a compelling, viable solution.

Regular income: Commercial property investment generates income, providing steady cash flow. This income can cover your living expenses, replace lost wages, and provide a sense of financial stability.

Long-term growth: Well-chosen commercial properties often appreciate in value over time. This capital gain can further bolster your financial security in the future.

Diversification: Commercial property adds a valuable asset class to your portfolio, reducing dependence on the stock market's volatility.

Living well, now and later

Investing compensation in commercial property can unlock a secure, worry-free future for you and your loved ones. Imagine:

Peace of mind: Knowing your finances are secure and will continue to provide for you throughout your life.

Financial independence: The freedom to pursue your passions, travel, or simply relax without financial worries.

Leaving a legacy: The ability to pass on a secure financial foundation to loved ones in the future.

Your trusted partner in building a secure future

Maritime Capital specialise in helping clients navigate the complex world of commercial property investment after receiving a personal claim, offering a comprehensive approach tailored to your unique needs.

Understanding your goals: We begin by listening to your story and understanding your long-term financial objectives. What kind of lifestyle do you envision or require? What are your plans for later life?

Tailored investment strategies: We'll create a balanced portfolio, combining income-generating commercial properties with those that have high capital growth potential. This approach ensures a steady flow of income in the short to medium term, while safeguarding your future.

Expert due diligence: Our team meticulously analyses potential properties, ensuring they meet your investment criteria and deliver on your financial goals and requirements.

Ongoing support: We do not simply invest your money and send you an annual report. Maritime Capital offer ongoing property management services, handling tenant relations, maintenance and administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on living your life.

Expertly navigating tax matters

It's important to understand that the tax implications of your personal injury settlement can significantly impact your investment strategy.

Depending on the nature of your claim and the specific details of your settlement, portions of the compensation maybe tax-free, while others may be subject to income tax.

Engaging with a knowledgeable tax professional is crucial. They can help you understand the potential tax ramifications of investing your settlement and guide you towards tax-efficient investments or strategies.

This ensures that you don't encounter unexpected capital gains tax liabilities down the line, or income tax liability that could chip away at your hard-earned compensation and disrupt your long-term financial security.

Thanks to our network of contacts and long-standing relationships, Maritime Capital can connect you with trusted tax professionals who can provide vital expertise, ensuring a seamless and tax-efficient investment journey and minimising the tax paid on your settlement.

Personal injury trust investment management

A personal injury trust allows you to transfer your settlement to trustees who manage the funds for your benefit and according to your wishes.

Maritime are well placed to provide specialist and bespoke investment advice to the trustees of a personal injury trust fund.

A discretionary personal injury trust or an absolute personal injury trust can safeguard your settlement from creditors or legal claims, and shield your compensation from impacting eligibility for means-tested benefits.

The Maritime team can connect you with legal partners who can advise on personal injury trusts and help you determine if this option aligns with your investment strategy.

Legally, there's no obligation to set up a personal injury trust fund, the default position is that any compensation payment will be paid directly to the beneficiary's bank account.

But if you receive means-tested state benefits then your legal advisor is likely to recommend, or at least discuss with you, the benefits of a trust deed and personal injury trust funds.

Seeking expert advice is crucial. You can of course look after your own affairs and invest without a personal injury trust, but you risk losing any means-tested state benefits if you choose this route.

Your gateway to a secure future

You don’t have to navigate crucial decisions about personal injury trust investment alone.

‍Let's discuss your goals and develop a personal injury investment strategy that empowers you to live well, now and later. Remember, your compensation is an opportunity, not just a simple windfall.

Let Maritime Capital guide you towards creating a secure and prosperous future.