Landed estates advisors

Owning a landed estate is a privilege that few experience.

But the responsibility of preserving this rich heritage can be daunting. Maintenance, upkeep and navigating the intricacies of historic buildings and rural land management often stretch even the most robust financial resources.

Maritime Capital have become synonymous with trust, expertise and unwavering dedication to our clients' wellbeing, consistently adhering to our principles of kindness, integrity and hard work.

With 35 years of experience, we understand the unique challenges faced by owners of landed estates. Beyond mere financial planning and estate stewardship, we act as guardians of your legacy for future generations.

Asset-rich, cash-poor

This scenario is familiar to many landed estate owners. Valuable, expansive properties sadly often lack the liquidity to generate sufficient income for their own upkeep.

Capital gains tax, inheritance tax and specific tax rules governing development land further complicate matters. You require more than just land agents – you need expert landed estate advisors.

Unlocking hidden potential

Maritime Capital go beyond traditional wealth guardianship. Our close-knit, experienced family team are intimately familiar with the complex financial landscape of landed estates and work closely with you to:

Unearthing hidden potential is our forte. We assess your estate, exploring opportunities for diversification, from woodland activities like timber harvesting and eco-tourism ventures to renewable energy projects and even boutique hospitality initiatives.

Navigate the complex world of tax regulations with our guidance. We tailor financial structures that capitalise on business property relief, agricultural property relief and other tax-efficient strategies, maximising your cash flow and minimising fiscal burdens.

Secure the future of your legacy. We provide discreet, robust advice on succession planning, ensuring the smooth transition of your estate through the generations and safeguarding your family's inheritance.

Estate expertise designed to cater to your specific needs:

CAPITAL GAINS: We provide advice on managing capital gains tax efficiently.

DEVELOPMENT LAND: We identify opportunities to generate income from development land.

LAND AGENTS AND RURAL BUSINESS: We work closely with land agents and rural businesses to ensure efficient structures are in place.

FARM BUSINESS TENANCIES: We offer advice on managing farm business tenancies.

CASH FLOW: We help improve your cash flow by exploring avenues such as woodland operations and mineral rights.

IN-DEPTH UNDERSTANDING OF RURAL BUSINESS MODELS: From farm business tenancies to mineral rights exploitation, we speak the language of your land.

Why choose Maritime Capital?

Why choose Maritime Capital? Your success is our mission. We work tirelessly to ensure your rural estate thrives, both financially and as a cherished family cornerstone.

Choosing Maritime Capital means working with partners who truly understand the challenges of your position and work with you to identify opportunities.

We believe in building genuine, long-lasting relationships that span multiple generations, ensuring that your estate thrives both now and in the future.

We are not just landed estates advisors; we are partners in preserving your heritage, protecting your wealth, and cultivating enduring prosperity for generations to come.
Our boutique services and skills are aimed at estate owners who don’t want the day-to-day time constraints of managing their family’s wealth, but do want to stay in control of and have access to their own assets.

By being involved in our processes and with open channels of communication, clients are able to maintain an active approach to your assets, without the admin or inconvenience.

No funds swap hands - we do the work, while you stay in control.
Contact us today to start enjoying financial security and unlock the potential of your estate.

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