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We're your trusted partner

Your children are your legacy, and you want to equip them for the challenges ahead with the right financial mentoring and support.


Generational wealth is stronger when it's managed under one roof, and drawing on our extensive family office experience, we are able to identify, execute and manage strong, stable property investments to help high net worth families reach their unique goals.


With 35 years of experience, buying and selling over £1 billion of property, we have gained invaluable knowledge, priceless connections and a peerless reputation as a multi family office.


How we work with families.

Maritime Capital is proud to act as your family office, providing a comprehensive and strategic partnership for your family.


We help you to define the purpose of your family wealth and then seek to design, implement and manage a longterm property investment plan that’s tailored to you and your specific financial objectives.


Maritime Capital's inclusive approach to wealth management means that we mentor our clients, transferring our knowledge and skills that can then be shared with family members when the time is right.


Perhaps you are considering taking a step back and want to enjoy a certain lifestyle, but are not yet ready to transfer assets to your children and do not want to hand over such a high level of responsibility without support.


You might wish for your children to take over the family office, but they need guidance and mentoring.

Using our decades of experience in high-stakes business and property, we will guide you as we source, transform and manage the right property assets for your family.

Together, we aim to develop your property portfolio to protect and grow your family’s financial security and leave a real legacy for your future generations.


Above all, as a family-run company with strong family values, we strive to form deep, personal relationships and work diligently to ensure that both you and your family benefit.


Why choose Maritime Capital for your family office services?

Our services and skills are aimed at those who don’t want the day-to-day time constraints of managing their family’s wealth, but do want to stay in control of and have access to their own assets.


By being involved in our processes and with open channels of communication, clients are able to maintain an active approach to investment, without the admin and inconvenience.


We do all the work, while you stay in control.

Collaboration with single family offices and other multi family offices

In modern family offices trusted advisors and experts must be assembled over time, and we understand that.


For those with a single family office already in place, we can augment and complement that service to assist with property investment goals.


Rather than replacing your own family office team, we're able to work together with them on property management matters to enhance the overall offering and increase the value of your wealth guardianship.


Over many years we have built up strong relationships with our own partners, whom we would be delighted to introduce to your family if appropriate, including recognised experts on legal affairs, tax planning and succession planning.


Whether you are seeking a discrete service to complement an existing family office structure or require support in setting up a family office, Maritime Capital is equipped to provide you with property asset management, strategic advice and administration that goes above and beyond what many family offices are able to provide.


Let’s create an enduring partnership that puts you and your family first.

What is a family office?

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