Commercial property investors and advisors

Navigating the complex landscape of commercial property investment and development requires expertise, a keen eye for the right opportunity and the right team by your side.

If managed proactively, it has the potential for impressive long-term value appreciation.

As a family-run wealth guardian Maritime Capital have a long, successful history of mentoring, nurturing and safeguarding our clients' wealth, whether recently inherited or earned over many decades.​

Our personalised approach truly sets us apart, offering a bespoke property service for those who wish to remain firmly in control but prefer not to deal with the day-to-day tasks of property investment and development.

Our corporate acumen, legal knowledge and decades of experience mean we'll provide you with a clear profile of your likely investment return.

Why invest in commercial property?

Investing in commercial properties can offer significant benefits, but in order to ensure its profitability, an active approach to both investment and development is required.

Residential property investments are normally lower yielding and more predictable, while commercial investment and development tends to be less predictable and higher yielding.

Naturally within the commercial sector there are stable investments - for example, an office let to the government for 25 years. But there are also higher-risk options - such as a department store let to a high street retailer on a 10-year deal.

The harder to asset-manage the investment or development, the greater the risk - but the higher the likely return.

Investing in the UK commercial property market requires due diligence and a deep understanding of the various property types available, such as office space, retail, industrial units, hospitality and warehousing.

It's also crucial to consider factors like commercial law, corporation tax, energy costs and planning permission that can impact the profitability of your investment.

Understanding the UK commercial property market

The UK commercial property market has seen considerable changes in recent years. With the rising popularity of e-commerce, high street shops are evolving into multi-purpose mixed-use spaces, while office blocks are being redesigned to suit the changing needs of businesses.​

Meanwhile, industrial units and warehousing are experiencing increased demand due to the growth of online shopping.

In such a dynamic market, it's essential for commercial property investors and developers to stay abreast of property trends and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Whether you're a private investor venturing into the commercial property space or an established property company looking for alternative solutions, Maritime Capital have the acuity to guide and advise you.

Finding commercial property that's the perfect fit for you

With your input, we'll assemble a property portfolio that is completely tailored to you.

In the commercial sphere we provide two distinct approaches, the first focusing on commercial property investment - purchasing an asset which is already let to a tenant on a long-term deal, or purchasing a property which is vacant and needs re-letting.

We’re also experts in commercial development.

For instance; a major retailer leaves a well-situated high street property, and rather than find another occupier, we would purchase the site and fund the conversion of the building into a mixed-use scheme with a smaller retail unit and residential upper floors.

Maritime Capital’s years of development experience makes us the clear choice to run these kind of assets.

By having a detailed understanding of the property development and investment process, we’re able to analyse the component parts that create value.

Our tailor-made approach creates an effective asset-management strategy that carefully aligns with your personal needs, while taking into account your objectives and investment risk levels.

If you have a particular interest in or link to a specific sector, geographic area or project, we'll endeavour to incorporate that into your commercial property investment portfolio.

We advise and assist our clients to make the right decisions, no matter what the context.

How Maritime Capital can help you invest in the commercial property market

Having owned, developed and run operational businesses across a wide variety of sectors, our team of expert commercial property advisors provide you with perceptive insights into the UK property market, helping you make informed investment decisions.

We specialise in revitalising and transforming properties, acquiring and creating unique, desirable and valuable assets on your behalf.

Maritime Capital Provide:

DUE DILIGENCE: We conduct thorough research to ensure you invest in commercial property that aligns with your financial goals, interests and ethical outlook.

FULL ONGOING SUPPORT: We provide continual support to our select group of clients who share our values. From understanding the impact of corporation tax and energy costs to negotiating lease agreements for commercial property, you'll be in regular contact and kept fully informed.

ASSET MANAGEMENT: Our property management services are designed to maximise the profitability of your commercial real estate investments. Planning permission assistance: We help navigate the complexities of obtaining planning permission for commercial properties.

LEGAL EXPERTISE: With years of our own commercial legal experience to draw upon and strong relationships with partner solicitor firms, our team are prepared for every potential outcome and mindful of every implication in the agreements we make.

Our Construction Track Record

In recent years we have refurbished and developed well over 250,000 sqft of office and industrial space.

Notable assets include:
  • Curzon Street, London: Conversion of office to 6 flats
  • Discovery Park, Kent: New build 50,000 sqft weapons manufacturing facility
  • Hungerford Park, Hungerford: 2 x 3,000 sqft house
  • 12-16 High Street, Gosport: New 70-bedroom Travelodge with A3 unit
  • Spitfire Way, Sandwich: New 75-bedroom Travelodge with A3 unit
  • Tudor House, Walsall: Conversion of office building to 18 flats
  • Forbury Hotel, Reading: Conversion of office building to 24-bedroom luxury hotel
  • Work Hotel, Hemel Hempstead: Conversion of office building to serviced office with restaurant
  • Peat, Inverness: Conversion of office building to 33 flats with a restaurant and delicatessen

A long-term alliance

At Maritime Capital we aim to work with our clients over the very long-term, developing personal relationships, offering advice, delivering returns and consistently adhering to our principles of kindness, integrity and hard work.

We believe in creating value for our clients, but also doing good. Our focus is not just on the purchase price but also on identifying opportunities to enhance the value of commercial properties, whether through redevelopment, renegotiation of leases or improved property management.

Choosing to become a commercial property investor can be an incredibly rewarding venture.

With Maritime Capital as your trusted advisor, you can navigate the UK commercial property market with confidence.

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