Operational Insight


We were brought on to this project in January 2019 to oversee the management of the assets held at Raithwaite Estate. The 73 bedroom hotel was being managed by a hotel management company, whom had responsibility of the day to day running of the asset. In order to understand whether the hotel was performing to its optimum, we analysed the operational business for 9 months, intrinsically dissected each department from; sales and marketing to house keeping, to the finance department.​

Over the course of our review, it became clear to us that the hotel lacked brand identity as well as a clear management structure for each department. There was a lack of understanding within the company of how the hotel should look, feel and operate. This was naturally causing the customer experience to be inconsistent and thus providing an overall low standard of service.​

In May 2021, Maritime took over the full day to day control of the hotel, integrating management systems, developing departmental skill sets and rebranding the entire hotel to form one vision - ‘between the sea and the moors’. Since May we have achieved record month on month sales and occupancy levels during what would be considered as the toughest time in hospitality. The hotel is now producing more profit, winning awards and providing a better customer experience to its guests.

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